The Ultimate Campfire, Fire Pit, and Fireplace Tool
The New No.1 MUST HAVE!

Introducing the Fire-Stick

The new BEST in outdoor camping equipment!  From a fire pit to a fireplace, from safely stoking a fire to handling a hot Dutch oven  on wood fires, this is the new BEST in fire tools and camping supplies!  Plus, its multi purpose!  Whether outdoor cooking and grilling while camping or used as one of the key fireplace accessories, this investment cast stainless steel Fire-Stick has been engineered to last a lifetime!

The Fire-Stick has features that can grip and move cooking pans and pots on and off the grill, pick up burning wood (or hot coals), load logs onto the fire, used as long tongs for easy grilling, a grill scraper, and as a blow tube to minimize heat to the face!

Fire flames getting too high when cooking outdoors?  Now you can move those hot pots and pans quickly and safely!

 See the Fire-Stick in Action Watch our Demo VIDEO!

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